1. 40ozvannyc:

    Smoke DZA ft. Flatbush Zombies - Bamma Weed.

    Straight fire!

  2. April ‘04 in Billboard Hot 100 Hip Hop Top 10: My Band - D12

    April ‘14 in Billboard Hot 100 Hip Hop Top 10: Happy - Pharrell Williams

    Ain’t that somethin’?!


  3. Something for our fans, we know you will appreciate this!

  4. 19 years ago Eazy-E passed away…

  5. Today is Big Sean’s Birthday!

    One of seancoreylife's​ fav Rappers & here are his Top 5 for Big Sean…

    1. Million Dollars

    2. Supa Dupa

    3. Mula

    4. Get It

    5. 1st Quarter

  6. I remember watching early Fabolous, the Brooklyn native Rapper, in the States when I was 12 on MTV/BET at home after Middle School was finished for the day or two stepping in the Brunel on a Wednesday night at 14. Vibing along to ‘Young’n (Holla Back)’ or singing my heart out like I was in puppy love, to the more well-known, ‘Into You ft Tamia.’ Even after that was ‘Breathe’ with its beguiling beat. He’s grown since then with the Soul Tape trilogy he’s put out so far. You think when an oldie that was retailing CD’s does a Mixtape, their going backwards…not the case with Fab’s material. Nowadays, this is what gets our attention. A lot of folks were overwhelmed with the first ‘The Soul Tape’ to be released, ‘Drugs (Do This To Me) ft Paul Cain (an artist of Fab) & Broadway’ being a favourite amongst the public. Followed after that was ‘The Soul Tape II’ which I downloaded after recommendation from the first, my personal first choice, with many tracks to relate to. ‘Diamonds’ covering Riri’s version with Fab’s being more melodious astoundingly, ‘Guess Who’s Bizzack ft Broadway’ relentlessly on repeat, ‘Louis Vuitton ft J. Cole’ being a banger with talent on the track, ‘Diced Pineapples ft Trey Songz & Cassie’ having vocals from adored R&B artists, ‘Beauty ft Wale’ another pronounced artist going over an AraabMuzik beat, ‘Want You Back ft Joe Budden & Teyana Taylor’ a 00’ beat with fresh delivery. Yea, you can see why I mess with Soul Tape II. Last but not least on ‘The Soul Tape III,’ ‘Everything Was The Same ft Stacey Barthe’ cleverly covering Drake’s Paris Morton 2 and the guys out there are unquestionably blaring out/blazing to ‘Foreigners ft Meek Mill & Mike Davis’ and ‘The Hope ft Jadakiss.’ Fab’s still doing something right since ‘01 if he’s signed acts such as Red Café to carry out the NY Hip Hop driven quest. Who would have thought as well that the popular remix ‘Can’t Deny It’ was produced by Rick Ross more than 10 years ago? The bottom line is, don’t underestimate Fabolous.

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  8. Nate Dogg Appreciation Day.

  9. nardiniylime:

    @chloellachella’s taster for @lionsandsnakesclothing! #lionsandsnakes

  10. nardiniylime:

    You are about to witness the strength of street knowledge - L&S. Coming soon. @lionsandsnakesclothing #lionsandsnakesclothing

  11. In merriment of Tyler, The Creator’s Birthday…we are admiring his wardrobe! From his definitive tie dye shirts to his inventive striped tees.  I guess you can say the kid is a fashion motivation to what L&S is about. Happy Birthday Dude!

  12. I’ve noticed on most media platforms, when it comes to street art for females, they have failed to discuss the UK even when we have prodigious talents such as Banksy, a well-known UK male graffiti artist. So, in that aspect…surely they should seek out the female artists as well? I’ve accepted the challenge myself to state a boundless individual, Kiranjeet Kaur, who grips others with her artwork. Her illustrations are enthralling, with the selected urban pieces such as Tupac striking out for me who I’m sure everyone can relate to even internationally.

    Kiranjeet! How long have you been doing art for?

    I have been into art my whole life, but wasn’t really sure where I was going with it until the end of my final year at Uni. I now specialise in producing hand painted art pieces and at the moment, I am focusing on celebrity culture as it’s a great way for people to connect with my work.

    When was the first time you thought “I like art. I want to do that. This is my thing.”

    I did art related courses from school, all the way up until Uni. It wasn’t always easy going down the art route because non-academic subjects aren’t really praised and encouraged. I started posting my work onto social networking when Uni was coming to end. That boosted my confidence loads because I realised people actually liked what I did and I’ve had a great response from it on networking sites such as Instagram.

    Who/what inspires/motivates you to do the art that you do?

    The first ever artist that was exposed to me was Vincent van Gogh when I was about 8 or 9. I used to keep a little drawing book and tried to copy his paintings. I am heavily inspired by Indian and Afro-Caribbean cultures, which is quite evident/noticeable from my use of colours and the genre of what I paint. I wasn’t always a very motivated person. I’d say my negative experiences have fuelled my ambition and makes me want to be the best that I can be.

    What do you want from the future?

    I aim to be a worldwide known artist and a successful business woman. It’s scary saying that, but I’ve been told to aim high. I am in the process of setting up my first e-commerce website, where people will be able to buy prints/posters of my artwork which will be released around March/April time. Keep a look out for it!

    What is your opinion on Lions and Snakes Clothing?

    I love it! A lot of my previous work is inspired by 80’s and 90’s hip hop culture, so it’s something I relate to.

    You can find Kiranjeet’s work on Instagram & Facebook;

    instagram.com/kiranjeetkaur https://www.facebook.com/KiranjeetKaurIllustration

  13. Beanies will be available on our site in less than a week! #lionsandsnakes #streetwear

  14. 10 years later…

  15. #lionsandsnakesclothing